How to Source and Launch Products on Amazon with Tim Jordan, Founder of Private Label Legion

By July 2, 2020


Tim Jordan is the Founder of Private Label Legion, a community of sellers and entrepreneurs who come together to share ideas, impart knowledge, and create a solid network. He is a well-known Amazon seller, host of the AM/PM Podcast, and Chief Growth Officer at SellersFunding.

Tim sells on both Amazon and Shopify and is currently working on a crowdfunding project which he is documenting to share his path to success with other entrepreneurs. Started with contraband candy bars, and now we’re here!

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Tim got to work as a firefighter while in college and why he left 10 years later to go into entrepreneurship 
  • Tim‘s experience selling “Me-Too” products versus “Differentiated” products on Amazon
  • How Tim sources products from different parts of the world for his business
  • The workshops and trips Tim organizes, what he teaches people, and how he finds new and trending product ideas
  • Tim’s product validation process and his advice to fellow entrepreneurs on choosing the right products 
  • Tim shares his experience being suspended on Amazon because of intellectual property violations and what he learned about using generic names for brand names and trademarks
  • Where to learn more and connect with Tim Jordan

In this episode…

When Tim Jordan started his e-commerce business on Amazon, he opted for the “Me-Too” type of business: that is, he sold products that had high keyword searches and other sellers were selling. He also made the common mistake of finding a high-selling product and sourcing it from China for resale without considering the trademark and intellectual property infringement violations it may create. So, what happened from there? He ended up with a suspended account and a lesson learned, which he now shares with other entrepreneurs and e-commerce sellers.

In this episode, Tim Jordan, Founder of Private Label Legion, is interviewed by Rich Goldstein, host of the Innovations and Breakthroughs podcast, about his process of sourcing and launching e-commerce products on Amazon. He explains how he got started in entrepreneurship, why he loves working with sourcing agents, and the lessons he learned from selling “Me-Too” products on Amazon. 

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