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Patents & Trademarks:
Protecting Individuals and Startups

If you don’t believe passion is important in starting a business or pursuing an idea - then we are the wrong patent law firm for you!

Truth is, we love entrepreneurs, and dare we say - our entrepreneur clients love us!

Our secret is simple, people that are passionate about their ideas like people that are passionate about protecting them.

If you believe in the potential of what you have, we can get fully behind that!

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Protect it Quickly and As it Develops – Agile Patenting®

Agile Patenting® is a methodology created by Rich Goldstein that is a nimble approach to obtaining patent protection for ideas that are moving quickly along the path from concept to market.

The goal is to protect the core idea at an early stage AND protect improvements and enhancements as the product is developed and launched.

Like agile software development, Agile Patenting® is RESPONSIVE, ITERATIVE, INCREMENTAL, EVOLUTIONARY and ADAPTIVE.

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Business Coaching: Beyond the Intellectual Property

While you never actually need a patent, when used correctly, patents can be so helpful that they are simply invaluable to your business.

Entrepreneurs that just focus on the patent will often overlook other important factors, opportunities, planning, and steps necessary to be successful.

Consider then that the decision to invest wisely in patent protection is just one of many business decisions that will help decide the path of your business, and its growth, success, or failure.

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What Our Clients Say

 My first patented invention helped me grow a single product into a company with an entire line of hair accessories and other beauty products. In the course of enforcing my patent rights against competitors, other intellectual patent attorneys have complimented me on how broadly my patent application was written."
—Mia Minnelli Kaminski

 I want people to know that you really went to bat for me when it mattered most. While most of the patents you got for me went through on the first shot, for those that didn’t: you fought hard to get them approved. As a result, my products sell around the world, and generate millions. In my book, you are the best!”
—Lou Sardo

 [Goldstein] took the time to understand my ideas and the application of these ideas... [The firm] successfully submitted and secured five United States Patents and one Trademark and all with the first submittal to the United States Patent Office. These Patents still stand today and are unbeatable..."
—Steve Ross

 After working with you for more than 12 years, I would gladly recommend your firm to anyone considering the patent process. The expertise and professional way you handled and expedited my patent cases has helped me create and protect the success I have today. The skill used in wording my patents has even helped me defend and win a lawsuit..."
—Lt. Mike Bishoprn

 I know of two instances where other companies were interested in duplicating my product and tried to break my patent, but gave up after their patent attorneys told them it was pointless. I now have my Eyeglass Locator on the market and it's a dream come true."
—Clarence McCurdyrn

 My wife and I are highly impressed with the methods and support of your team through our efforts to patent our idea. Since we were not the first to identify our idea, the evaluation process saved us a great deal of time and money. Even though we were not ultimately successful in our original goal, I feel that we are in a better position now than if we had attempted a different course of action. We have gained a great deal of valuable insights about the patent process and will use the Goldstein evaluation option for our next idea.”
—Don and Gayle McFadyen