The Truth About The Patent Process

Getting a Patent for YOUR Million Dollar Idea

It suddenly struck you! Ahhhh…Your Million Dollar Idea…. Now, the world is supposed to “beat a path to your door, right”? At least that’s how the expression goes.

It’s supposed to be easy: just patent it and get it on the market. Or, find a company that loves the idea, and just let the royalty checks roll in.

But you’re not finding it be that easy…

You love your idea, and so naturally you’re afraid that if you tell ANYONE, it will be ripped off.

You’d love to patent it, but you don’t know how. And the more you search to find out how to patent it, the more confused you get.

You’d love to just hire someone to help. But who could you trust?

Finding Someone to TRUST with your idea

You’ve been trying to figure out if anyone has beat you to this idea. And you’ve searched as best you can on the Internet, but trying to find if it is out there has only left you frustrated. And after hours and hours, you’re left with a pile of downloaded documents and links, but don’t know what they mean.

And after all that wasted time, you still don’t know whether your idea can be patented!

Turns out, it is harder than you thought.

As much as you are afraid to tell people your idea because they might steal it, you are also secretly afraid they might think it is ridiculous or even laugh in your face.

From poking around on the Internet, it seems like your idea might be new. And you don’t want to even think that some else has beat you to the punch.
Lately, you get the feeling your spouse wants you to either do something with this idea or shut up about it already!

Your spouse is probably right, because you’ve been making yourself crazy with endless Internet searches at 3AM, when you could be doing things that are way more fun.

As crazy, frustrated, and confused you’ve been, you are still really EXCITED about the possibilities for your idea.

Thousands of Inventors Share Your Same Frustration

I see this same struggle every day. Over the past 25 years, so many of my clients came to me excited about their idea, but were suffering just like you are.

Early in my career, I didn’t know quite how to ease their pain. Patent attorneys are trained to handle the paperwork. They are trained to look at the cold facts, and give a logical answer – with little feel for the real world situation.

As patent lawyers, we are taught to do a “patent search”, to see if the idea was patented before by someone else. Makes sense, right?

I quickly learned, though, that this wasn’t enough. Just getting a patent search did not give them a clear path forward, or the confidence to start down the road toward protecting their idea.

Answering Your MOST IMPORTANT Questions

For years, I just did patent searches for my clients, like every one of my colleagues. But it always left my clients with unanswered questions.

Questions like:

“If I can get a patent, will it be strong enough that other companies couldn’t just change one thing and get around it?”

“With this patent in hand, will it be possible to sell my invention to a company?”

“Once I file a patent application, can I safely tell people about it?”

“Will my idea finally be ‘bullet-proof’ so I can put it out in the world?”

My clients weren’t wrong to ask these questions. In fact, they were on to something…

All of these questions lead to a dirty little secret most patent attorneys won’t admit or don’t take the time to explain.

Here’s the Truth….

The truth is, not all patents are created equal. Some patents protect a whole new concept, and others just protect the specific details.

One of these would be very valuable to you…The other, would be a waste of time and money.

And the problem is – just a typical patent search won’t help you figure that out.

So instead of doing tired old ‘patent search’ that all other patent attorneys do, I vowed that I would help my clients to evaluate the type of patent they could get, answer these lingering questions, and leave them with a clear path forward. I invented a process that I call a ‘patent evaluation’.

Through this process I discovered that I could now give clients the answers they had been desperately seeking.

Inventors Just Like You

Today, more than a thousand evaluations later, I have even further refined the process to give them the answers they are seeking, the best strategy and approach we should take, and a complete action plan for moving forward.

This is exactly how we start working with every new client.

Through my process they come away with:

  • A sense of direction—they know exactly what steps to take.
  • A full understanding of the risks and possibilities.
  • A real sense of how to create “valuable IP” that can increase their company’s worth.
  • An expert opinion on the best strategies for monetizing their patent.
  • A thorough appraisal as to whether this is a realistic and valuable patent to obtain.
  • A full patent search, plus valuable insight about where their idea stands among other patents in the field.
  • A real understanding of the odds, so you they can proceed with accurate information, not guesses.

And I want that same clarity for you.

My Invitation to YOU

Here’s my invitation to you. Let me:

1.Get to know you, and find out what is important to you.
2.Collect the right information from you about your idea/invention/project to get started.
3.Perform in-depth research on your idea at the United States Patent Office.
4.Review the results of the research.
5.Discuss with you all the possibilities for your idea.

Previously I only offered this to my private high-end clients, but I’m opening it up on a wider scale. And to be clear, this is going to be 100% customized for your idea, and most of all: for you.

If you want to have a clear path forward, a distinct action plan, all of your questions answered, and an end to your wondering… then this might be a fit.

If so, take a couple minutes and tell me about your where you are at…

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