The Benefits of Working with the Right Patent Attorney with Andrew Stess, CEO of StessCo Consulting Group

By November 19, 2020
Andrew Stess


Andrew StessAndrew Stess is the CEO of StessCo Consulting Group LLC, providing sales, business development, strategy, and product consulting services in the music, automotive, digital media, consumer electronics, and technology industries. Before StessCo, Andrew was the CEO and Founder of AmpliFIND Music Services, where he drove the company’s overall strategy, innovation, and growth—leading to their successful sale to Sony in just 2 years. He was also the CEO at MusicIP, where he escorted the new young startup to a proven B2B technology company with licensing deals to Disney and Memorex.

Andrew has facilitated many transactions, including the sale of AllMusic to Macrovision for $85 million. He currently advises and serves on the boards of a variety of new media businesses including audiobridge, Dash Radio, Music Story, LyricFind, SPAN, Velos Mobile, and others. His focus is on helping companies grow and scale their revenue through strategic partnerships.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Andrew finds the time to work on different projects
  • Andrew talks about his work in sales and business development, the type of work he did growing up, and what his consultancy work involves
  • Andrew’s work with the number 1 app for General Motors (GM) cars
  • The role credibility plays in making deals
  • Andrew talks about the role intellectual property has played in the growth of the companies he has worked with
  • The importance of having the right strategy in every business deal—and before seeking investment
  • How to get in touch with Andrew Stess

In this episode…

As a business leader, it is crucial to have an overall understanding of the business operations and all intellectual property (IP) associated with the company. You have to have the right people on board to deal with issues related to IP and ensure that the company invests in the right assets.

Over the years, Andrew Stess has worked with many companies dealing with music and digital media. He has experience working with intellectual property and has seen first-hand the effects of dealing with a general attorney as opposed to a litigator or patent attorney. In one of the companies he worked with, he saw how a tough litigator helped solve an IP issue in 3 days compared to an attorney the company had previously hired.

Andrew Stess, CEO of StessCo Consulting Group LLC, is Rich Goldstein’s guest in this week’s episode of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast, where they talk about sales strategies and the benefits of working with the right patent attorney. They also talk about Andrew’s consultancy work, the role of credibility in business deals, and the importance of leaders using the right investment strategies for their companies.

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