Patent Process

Rich Goldstein Prosper Show 2021

By July 6, 2021

These are some of the most determined entrepreneurs we’ve seen in our 27 years and they are also determined to protect their Intellectual Property.

Here’s why…

  • Amazon sellers seek strategic IP guidance to help them know if their products are viable and protectable.
  • They get trademarks to protect their brand which allows them to feel confident when they encounter imposters.
  • And they pursue patents to stake a claim to their unique ideas which allows them to increase the valuation of their business.

At my firm, Goldstein Patent Law, we help entrepreneurs all around the world protect their IP, and have filed over 2000 patents in the past 26 years. Our passion is helping you invest in your ideas and in your future, so if that sounds good to you, claim your free consultation and let’s talk.

Protecting your IP is crucial for any company. If that sounds like something you’d benefit from, you can book an Idea Protection Planning Session with my team at