Product Launch Coaching

Business Coaching takes into considerations beyond just the patent, trademark or intellectual property.

Here’s the truth that few patent attorneys will ever tell you:

You never NEED a patent.

Often, however, you WANT a patent to prevent competitors from stealing your valuable ideas and using them to their advantage.

Other times, you’ll want a patent so that investors have reason to put their faith and their money in you and your company.

As your business grows, you develop a patent portfolio that can help you effectively navigate through a world filled with other people’s IP.

While you never actually need a patent, when used correctly, patents can be so helpful that they are simply invaluable to your business.

There is a danger, however, in putting too much faith in patents.

That is, entrepreneurs that just focus on the patent will often overlook other important factors, opportunities, planning, and steps necessary to be successful.

Consider then that the decision to invest wisely in patent protection is just one of many business decisions that must help decide the path of your business, and its growth, success, or failure.

The best business decisions are made when they are informed by a business strategy that you have intentionally created.

The best business strategy is built to execute a business model that is clear, workable, compelling to consumers, and ready to adapt as the market provides feedback. And ultimately, the best business model fits a larger vision for your business.

Because all of this is important, we work with clients ready and willing to engage in strategically creating the future of their businesses, by engaging with them to create a vision, a business model, and a strategy that includes IP that is appropriate to the business model and vision.

Equally important is that this considers not only opportunities, but your goals, value, and lifestyle.

For some clients, we begin at the earliest stages of working together. For others, we can begin after we have evaluated and establish initial protection.

A coaching/strategy program

will be custom created just for you.


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