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In theory, anyone can file their own patent application.

But it takes the specialized training, certification and experience of a registered patent attorney to file an application that really protects the most valuable parts of an invention.

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Protecting your idea is important, and a patent is important to obtain.

You might have even visited the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website and seen information about the patent process – enough to realize that it’s the type of process you can’t navigate effectively on your own.

There’s a whole series of rules about how the patent application must be presented.

While it’s possible for an individual to really study and really learn how to meet all those requirements and fulfill all those rules and actually get a patent, the patent that they get probably won’t be worth very much.

How a patent is written is critical to how effective it is at protecting the invention.

Often, disputes over whether something is infringing a patent come down to a couple of words. If you don’t know what those couple of words are – and not only what to say, but what not to say – then you can’t effectively get a patent that will protect you.

Writing an effective patent application takes years of experience.

We can help you protect your idea by:

  • Understanding fully what you’re trying to accomplish
  • Understanding fully what your idea is
  • Using our experience and skills to write a patent application that effectively protects your invention.
  • Use our experience to help you navigate the maze of rules that the patent office has about processing patent applications, and about actually securing your patent.

Getting appropriate protection is like steering a ship.

If the ship is just a little bit off course when you leave port, it won’t seem to make much difference. But when you get a hundred miles out to sea, if you’re headed in the wrong direction, you’ll be way off from where you wanted to go.

Having us involved from the beginning is really important, to make sure that everything you’re doing is headed in the right direction.

If your project is worthwhile, if it’s really valuable, have us handle your application and guide you through the patent process.

Sometimes great success is just a matter of steering the ship in the right direction from the beginning.

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