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Patents and Trademarks for Individuals and Start-ups   arrow


If you don’t believe passion is important in starting a business or pursuing an idea – then we are the wrong patent law firm for you!

Truth is, we love entrepreneurs, and dare we say – our entrepreneur clients love us!

Our secret is simple, people that are passionate about their ideas like people that are passionate about protecting them.

If you believe in the potential of what you have, we can get fully behind that!

Its not just reckless pursuit of dreams at play that has us believe right along with our clients.

We’ve learned something over the past 20 years:  the biggest factor in success for an entrepreneur or inventor is the extent to which they believe in their invention or business and are willing to be unstoppable.

There is only one reason that any entrepreneur fails: they stop and give up.

There can’t be any failure until they stop.  And the thing that makes them more durable on this journey is their determination, their passion.

And of course, we’ll help you investigate whether their are significant factors against your success – such as some really close prior art that shows someone beat you to it.

In the end, however, you’ll notice us to be energized by your passion.  So bring it!

We are looking forward to working with you.