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Provisional Patents   arrow

Rubber stamp - patent pending

A provisional patent application is a stepping stone toward a utility patent.

The point of the provisional application is to establish priority for you.

If you file a utility patent application within one year of filing the provisional application, you’ll get the benefit of priority from that first, provisional filing date.

Provisional patents must be written correctly for effective protection.

A provisional patent application is a somewhat abbreviated application, but it must contain enough information that the invention is described in the right way to effectively “drop anchor” at the patent office – to firmly establish that you’ve come up with this idea.

We can help you use the provisional patent as part of a patent strategy.

There are many ways to use the provisional patent for your benefit.

One effective strategy for using a provisional application is to establish your priority at the patent office at a lower cost that that of a full utility application, so that you can go out with the idea, talk to people about it, and see if it’s worth the investment to file the full utility patent application.

What are the steps to get a patent?

This is the overview of the correct process.

  1. Patent Evaluation
  2. File a Patent Application
  3. Get a Patent

Each patent and idea is unique and so is every situation. We understand that and work with our clients to understand the nuances and develop an individual and appropriate patent and intellectual property strategy.