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What are the steps toward getting a patent?

Here is an overview of the process for getting a patent.

  1. Do a Patent Evaluation.
  2. File your patent application.
  3. Wait for Review and Approval of your Patent Application by the United States Patent Office.

Each patent and idea is unique and so is every situation.

We understand that and work with our clients to understand the nuances and develop an individual and appropriate patent and intellectual property strategy.

Typically, we start the process with a patent evaluation.

The purpose of the patent evaluation is to collect information from you about your idea, of course. But we also want to know about your goals – your reasons for seeking patent protection–and how owning your intellectual property will help you achieve those goals.

We collect this information from you so that we can:

  • Do the right research.
  • Give you the right advice about the prospects for obtaining patent protection for your idea.
  • Honestly discuss how patent protection might fit your goals.

We recognize that every client’s situation, motivations, and goals are unique. The importance of our patent evaluation is that it help us understand the nuances of your situation so that together we can develop an individual and appropriate patent and intellectual property strategy

The patent evaluation fee includes:

    • Your initial meeting with one of our patent attorneys, where they’ll learn about you and your project. They will make certain they have enough information to conduct prior art research.
    • Having the prior art research conducted.
    • Having your patent attorney go through the results of the prior art research to compare the results with what you have in mind doing.
    • A follow up consultation with your attorney.

In your follow up consultation you and your attorney will discuss:

    • The prospects of obtaining patent protection.
    • The appropriate strategies and steps you can take toward obtaining patent protection

We will perform your patent evaluation for a flat fee. Call for details.

If you’re ready to get started with a patent evaluation, contact our office.