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Pixelated Patent

One form of patent protection is a Design Patent.

A design patent protects the ornamental appearance of a functional object.

When the thing that makes an invention special is its shape, for ornamental purposes, then a design patent can be an appropriate form of protection.

Is a Design Patent what I need?

If the distinguishing point of your invention is something other than its shape, something about its functionality, then a design patent isn’t the best primary form of protection.

Sometimes it’s a good secondary form of protection.

If what’s different about your idea is functional, then ultimately, it’s a utility patent that you’d be looking for.

What are the steps to get a design patent?

This is the overview of the correct process.

  1. Patent Evaluation
  2. File a Patent Application
  3. Get a Patent

Each patent and idea is unique and so is every situation.

We understand that and work with our clients to understand the nuances and develop an individual and appropriate patent and intellectual property strategy.