Keeping Patent Attorney Costs Under Control

Rich Goldstein

Founder & Principal Patent Attorney
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It’s no secret that applying for and getting a patent can be a costly process…

…but you don’t need to spend more than necessary in order to get a patent. A lot of times I’ve noticed inefficiencies where people spend quite a bit more than they need to.

I figured out three key factors that really will help you keep the costs under control.

  1. To keep the cost of working with a patent attorney under control, you should have the representation be narrowly focused towards the business goals that you have for the project you might have in mind. You want some idea about where you want this product to go, what type of competitive edge you want to have through this product.

    You should understand what you personally want to get out this patent, even distinct from your business goals, whatever that is, make sure that the patent attorney fully understands it because having them fully on board will make sure that the strategy that they follow will most closely match what you’re out to accomplish with it, what your needs are, what your wants are and what your goals are.

    That’s because there are a lot of different ways to approach any patent project. And it can vary significantly according to what the outcome is that you’re out to achieve. You might say the outcome is I want to get a patent, but usually it goes deeper than that.

    Usually there’s a specific reason why you want to get a patent. So, first of all, I invite you to ask yourself that question of why it’s important to you to get a patent for this, and then make sure that your patent attorney understands that and that’ll help keep the costs more reasonable than if they didn’t understand it.
  1. Do research and most importantly, the right type of research, in the beginning, because doing the right research in the beginning will help you figure out if you should be doing this project at all.

    In other words, sometimes it’s clear that there’s nothing to patent and that the project should end right there, or at least the patent part of the project should end right there. Other times and quite frequently in fact, it’s not anything that we find in the research that creates a dead end for the patent project.

    But what it does is it helps us really focus our attention on the parts of the project, on the parts of the invention that are the most novel that are the most non-obvious that are the parts of it, that we really should be writing our application to emphasize.

    So having the right research done we’ll keep the cost down by having the representation be more efficient towards those parts of the project that are worthy of protection.
  1. Finally, to keep the cost reasonable, I suggest being educated about the patent process.

    Understanding enough about the patent process will help you make the right decisions with your patent attorneys to keep the cost down. So, you should familiarize yourself with generally how the patent process works and how you go about patenting something. That understanding will help keep the cost reasonable.

Now to get the education you need, I’ve created a series of six videos to walk you through the patent process step by step. They are briefly and concisely organized in order to really give you the most important information that you need to understand right now.

To view the six videos…simply click this link here>>.

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Join over 10,000 others who have received our guidance.


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