Innovations in 3D Printing and Leveraging the Power of Patents with Kenneth Tyler, Founder of Continuous Composites

By December 24, 2020


Kenneth TylerKenneth Tyler is the Founder of Continuous Composites, an innovative company focused on a revolutionary technique for Continuous Fiber 3D printing. He invented continuous composite 3D printing, one of the core technologies involved in modern 3D printing. For Continuous Composites, he has helped develop a patent portfolio of over 250 patent applications, with over 50 patents already granted.

Kenneth is also the Lead Investor and IP Strategic Advisor at KRAMBU, a company that sells high-powered computer servers that use blockchain, AI, FinTech, and other fields. Kenneth has a diverse background as a computer scientist, master craftsman, boat builder, CAD designer, and inventor.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Kenneth’s experience at a previous company dealing with payment technology
  • How Kenneth got started in 3D printing, patenting, and later, the business side of patents
  • Kenneth explains how he started investing in other companies
  • The effects of Kenneth’s first provisional for Continuous Composites
  • The value of IP protection and patents for Continuous Composites
  • What inspires Kenneth to keep going—even when things don’t seem to be working
  • Where to learn more about Continuous Composites and get in touch with Kenneth Tyler

In this episode…

The invention process is a very interesting and fulfilling process for any inventor. It involves a number of steps, which ultimately lead to a finished product meant to solve a certain need in the market for its target users.

The thought of drawing a design for a new product, and having it transformed into a 3D print, is exciting. For some, it makes the process of invention easier since the inventor can see the possibilities for the final version of the product before it gets manufactured.

In this episode of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast, Rich Goldstein talks with Kenneth Tyler, the Founder of Continuous Composites, about his innovations in 3D printing and how he leverages the power of patents. They also talk about Kenneth’s transition from a high-end carpenter to inventing and working with 3D printing, the value of patents, and how Kenneth started investing in similar companies.

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