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How to Run A Profitable Amazon Private Label Business with Brandon Young, President & Founder of VC Labs

By July 9, 2020


Brandon Young is an Amazon expert. He has been selling on the online marketplace since 2015, successfully pivoting from online arbitrage and wholesale to launching his own private label brands. Now, he splits his time between managing and growing his own brands and teaching others how to successfully sell on Amazon through his training website, Seller Systems.

Brandon Young is also the President & Founder of VC Labs as well as the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Global Import US, Inc. He is the former President and Founder of the Micro Venture Capital Club, a 1,200 member organization that connects entrepreneurs with investors and consultants. He graduated from Nova Southeastern University’s esteemed H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The penthouse party planned for Las Vegas that never happened
  • How Brandon pivoted his business towards Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for COVID-19
  • Brandon talks about how he escaped lockdown in China and self-quarantined in Miami  
  • Why Brandon sells face masks at a loss and people’s reluctance to wearing masks
  • Brandon‘s experience selling products and why he decided to launch his own private label business
  • How the use of keywords and data has helped grow Brandon’s businesses
  • How Brandon qualifies and tests a product before launch
  • Brandon‘s advice on how to successfully launch a product and grow a real business
  • The most important things to consider before launching a new product
  • Brandon‘s masterclasses for Amazon sellers
  • Where to learn more about Brandon Young

In this episode…

Every Amazon seller needs to stay up-to-date with all of the constant changes in the digital marketplace. Growing a highly profitable and successful business is not easy, but with the help of Amazon experts like Brandon Young, the process becomes more tangible and the goals more attainable. 

Having been an active and successful Amazon seller for several years, Brandon knows what works and what doesn’t. When it comes to private label strategies, his expertise kicks in. Because of this, he regularly holds workshops, training, and online masterclasses for other entrepreneurs interested in learning how to run a profitable Amazon business.

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Brandon Young, an Amazon expert with Seller Systems, joins Rich Goldstein in this episode of Innovations and Breakthroughs to talk about how to run a profitable Amazon private label business. He shares his experience being an Amazon seller, how he uses keywords and data to grow his businesses, and the workshops and online training he holds for Amazon sellers. 

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