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Growing an Instagram Audience and Building a Lifestyle Business with Zach Benson, Founder and CEO of Assistagram

By October 14, 2020


Zach Benson is the Founder and CEO of Assistagram, an innovative Instagram management agency that has over 220 million Instagram followers. Zach is a full-time entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker, and social media trainer for international brands such as the Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carlton, and the emirate of Dubai. He speaks on big stages, while also getting interviewed by and working with people like Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, and Jay Abraham.

Zach is also an award-winning dancer and was a finalist on the Fox TV Show, So You Think You Can Dance?

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Zach loves sharing value with others and his interest in creating connections
  • Zach talks about helping people grow their Instagram accounts and the importance of giving people time
  • Zach’s background making 6 figures as a breakdancer and why he had to stop dancing
  • How Zach got started in Instagram advertising and what he learned from promoting himself as a dancer that he used to grow his Instagram business
  • Rich and Zach talk about growing up with speech impediment problems
  • How being a dancer helped Zach learn about making deals and working with celebrities
  • Zach’s upcoming book on growing an Instagram audience and building a lifestyle business
  • Zach’s strategies for staying in awesome hotels for free
  • How to get in touch with Zach Benson

In this episode…

As a child, Zach Benson had a problem interacting and creating connections with other kids. But after his friend shared a breakdancing CD with him, he got hooked—and was thrilled to find a way to express himself through dance. He later became a professional dancer and started teaching kids to dance, making a 6-figure income and living the life of his dreams.

However, after a back injury forced him to stop dancing, his friend introduced him to the world of Instagram advertising. To grow his business, he used the same strategies he employed while promoting himself as a professional dancer. As a result, he is now a monetization strategist helping people grow and scale their businesses.

Zach Benson, Founder and CEO of Assistagram, is Rich Goldstein’s guest in this week’s episode of Innovations and Breakthroughs, where he shares his strategies for growing an Instagram audience. Zach talks about growing up as a child with ADHD, how he became a professional breakdancer, and how he started and scaled his Instagram growth business.

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