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What Is Agile Patenting™?

You have probably heard of “agile software development,” which provides a methodology (Agile Patenting™)for developing software apps even before all of the details are worked out. So how can similar principles be used to protect an app? In this video, Rich discusses our philosophy for effectively protecting ideas while they are still in development.

IP protection as a process

Agile Patenting™ is actually a term coined by Rich Goldstein to describe a process for developing your intellectual property (IP) protection strategy concurrently with the development of your software or app.

You’re probably familiar with agile software development. Well, that’s really very similar to the approach we like to take when helping someone who’s starting out with a software, smart phone application, or web application project—to get protection initially, and then develop that protection further as development of the project proceeds.

Similar to how agile software development works, we first establish protection for what seem to be the novel concepts, what seem to be the unique processes in what you’re about to develop. Doing so is our way, essentially, to “drop anchor” for you—to establish that you’re the one who’s come up with that concept. We do this knowing that, as you develop things on your end, we’ll take stock again and do further patent filings. And we’ll do further refinement as it’s appropriate and as your project becomes more “fleshed out.”

We invite you to explore this parallel between what you do with agile software development and what we do with Agile Patenting. Let’s see what we can do to get you protected at an early stage, and then get you further protected as your project develops.

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