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How Is a Patent Evaluation Different from a Patent Search?

Patent search or patent evaluation? They are not the same thing. Patent attorney Rich Goldstein explains the difference and why a patent evaluation provides more information you can use to decide whether a patent is the right choice for your idea.

Paper or answers—choose wisely

A patent search is simply a research project that produces a pile of paper. In other words, it’s research that results in a stack of patents that may be close to your idea—or not. It’s kind of like having an x-ray performed, and then having the technician hand you the x-ray film to review on your own, without having the benefit of a doctor reading the x-ray, interpreting it, and discussing with you the results.

If you just want a patent search performed, there are many companies out there that can perform a patent search for you. But be careful. Because there are different levels of thoroughness in patent searches.

We work with clients who value not only having a stack of patents, but getting some real answers, professional guidance, and advice about what the results mean and what are the most appropriate next steps in their situation.

Our patent evaluation is a holistic approach, where we get to know you, your goals, and what’s important to you. We get the right research done, and then we review and interpret that research and discuss with you what it means for you and for your idea.

You’ll get real results that will give you the solid information you need to move forward with your project.