Creating Defensible Unique Products as Opposed to Starting ‘Me Too’ Businesses with Carlos Alvarez, Founder of Blue Bird Media & Marketing Solutions

By May 28, 2020


Carlos Alvarez is the Founder and CEO of Blue Bird Media & Marketing Solutions which helps brand-owners grow their brands both on and off Amazon by employing effective marketing techniques and tools. He is also the Founder of Wizards of Amazon, an Amazon seller meetup group that holds frequent meetups in South Florida every month.

Carlos has been selling products both offline and online for more than 20 years. He has founded, grown, and sold more than a dozen companies. He is based in Miami and runs the largest Amazon Meetup group in the US. 

Carlos Alvarez is also the host of the Wizards of Amazon podcast.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Carlos Alvarez recalls how he lost over $80,000 to an Aliexpress seller
  • Carlos talks about the business he started involving insects and exiting with $2.6 million
  • Carlos shares what he is currently working on and other businesses he did after selling his first business
  • Carlos’ experience creating differentiating and defensible unique products as opposed to starting ‘Me Too’ businesses
  • How Carlos and his business partner mistakenly infringed an existing IP and what he learned from the experience
  • The role Intellectual Property has played in Carlos’ businesses and how he has benefited from licensing his patent
  • How to join Carlos Alveraz’s meetup group

In this episode…

While it may seem easier to infringe on an existing intellectual property (IP) when it comes to creating products and designs, it comes with serious consequences and can spell trouble for a person and his company. Carlos Alvarez of Blue Bird Media & Marketing Solutions found himself in trouble when he and his business partner used another company’s design to make a product similar to what the other company had created. They were fined a lot of money and he gained a lesson that he will carry over into the next businesses that he will establish later on.

Join Rich Goldstein in this episode of Innovations and Breakthroughs as he talks to Carlos Alvarez of Blue Bird Media & Marketing Solutions about the value of creating defensible and unique products as opposed to starting ‘me too’ businesses. He discusses the benefits of patenting your products and ideas, his learnings from his experience of infringing on an existing patent, and he also shares what they do at the local Amazon meetup group he organizes in South Florida. Stay tuned.

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