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Category Archives: Patent Videos

In these six videos you’ll learn what you need to know about the patent process to protect your valuable idea.

Before You Start a Patent Project

Getting a patent is a process. In this introductory video, in this 6 part series, patent attorney Richard Goldstein addresses the patent process for individual inventors with ideas, and outlines the different kinds of patent protection that are available. Click here for the next video in this series. Forms of protection and which one may […]

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Two Criteria for Patentability

Before your idea or invention can be eligible for a patent, it must meet two important criteria. In this second video, in this 6 part series, Rich discusses these criteria and how to determine if a patent is appropriate for you. Click here for the next video in this series. The kinds of things the […]

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Is Your Idea Novel and Non-Obvious?

You already know that to patent something, it needs to be different. But how different does it have to be to qualify for a patent? In this third video, Rich discusses the basic criteria for patentability. Click here for the next video in this series. How different does your idea need to be make it […]

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Finding the Best Prior Art

Is your idea already “out there”? What is the best way to find out if what you have has already been patented, or how different it is from things that have been patented before? In this fourth video, Rich explains how and where to find the best prior art. Click here for the next video […]

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The Patent Process

Once you know that you are ready to apply for a patent, what is the process for obtaining a Utility Patent? In this fifth video, Rich describes in detail the steps from filing the application to the granting of the patent, and what happens if the application is rejected. Click here for the next video […]

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Common Questions Prior to Working with Us

What concerns about patenting do most of our clients have in common? In this last video, Rich addresses the most common concerns our clients have expressed to us about the patent process.   Find out if it’s a match for us to work together We have found that many of our clients have similar concerns […]

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