The Key to Creating Great Deals with Bob Serling, Founder of Profit Alchemy

Bob Serling is the Founder of Profit Alchemy and a 30-year marketing and licensing veteran. His innovative take on marketing and licensing has helped thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs produce exceptional results. Bob has been the monthly marketing columnist for Success Magazine, invented a skateboard toy featuring Tony Hawk’s branding that was sold in toy stores and department stores all over the world, co-created and licensed advanced assessment software currently being used by many Fortune 500 companies, created a one-and-a-half…
September 17, 2020

How to Validate Product Ideas for Qualitative and Quantitative Actionable Feedback with Justin Chen, the Co-Founder of PickFu

Justin Chen is the Co-Founder of PickFu. PickFu’s online focus groups help sellers increase revenue by providing actionable data to inform their product and listing decisions. Using PickFu, sellers easily discover which product variants and color options consumers prefer, which photos and images grab attention, and which words and phrases enhance description copy.
August 27, 2020

Why You Should Always License Intellectual Property with Steve Rosen, Vice President of Product Development at CreateOn

Steve Rosen is a licensing expert and the Vice President of Product Development for CreateOn, a company that he co-founded. He’s worked in product development in the entertainment industry for 17 years, collaborating with all the major film studios, licensing agencies, and toy companies to create high profile products using licensed intellectual property. Steve collaborates with licensors, coordinates product launches, and develops new product designs.
August 6, 2020

Systems and Processes to Grow and Scale an e-Commerce Business with Josh Marsden, Founder of CVO Acceleration

Josh Marsden is the Founder of CVO Acceleration, a marketing agency that helps e-Commerce businesses scale paid traffic effectively and profitably. Using his ARM5 Formula, Josh helps e-Commerce companies scale from 7 to 8 figures. He is also the host of The e-Commerce Performance Marketing Show and recently held the e-Commerce Unmasked Summit where he featured top-level speakers from the e-Commerce community. Josh Marsden is the Founder of CVO Acceleration, a marketing agency that helps e-Commerce businesses scale paid traffic…
July 30, 2020

Building an Online Educational Business and Helping Entrepreneurs Grow with Cole Humphus, Founder of Cole’s Classroom

Cole Humphus is a business growth advisor and investor. He was the Founder and CEO of Cole’s Classroom, an online photography education company that he rapidly grew from zero to over 150,000 customers in a few short years before selling the business. Cole is currently the Executive Marketing Growth Officer at ShootProof. His current focus is on helping other business owners efficiently scale their businesses to create more impact without sacrificing profits.
July 23, 2020

If you've never patented anything before, watch these 6 short intro videos to learn exactly what you need to know about the patent process to protect your valuable idea.

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