Amazon’s Neutral Patent Evaluation: What You Need to Know

Imagine you have a brilliant, valuable idea. You pour your energy and resources into a utility patent for your invention — and start selling it on Amazon. Sales take off. But you soon discover there’s a copycat on Amazon offering a product identical to yours. Or worse…

What Is a Poor Man’s Patent?

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The costs associated with applying for a patent make getting the right research done beforehand a sensible option. With the right prior art research, and consultation with a patent attorney who understands your reasons for seeking patent protection, you’ll have the information you need to make an informed decision…”

Rich Goldstein Prosper Show 2021


These are some of the most determined entrepreneurs we’ve seen in our 27 years and they are also determined to protect their Intellectual Property. Here’s why…Amazon sellers seek strategic IP guidance to help them know if their products are viable and protectable.They get trademarks to protect their brand which allows them to feel confident when they encounter imposters.And they pursue patents to stake a claim to their unique ideas which…

What Is a Poor Man’s Trademark?


Are you looking to get a trademark for a product or service and are wondering if you can get a poor man’s trademark instead? And what exactly is a poor man’s trademark What Is a Poor Man’s Trademark? A poor man’s trademark, in simple terms, is when a person mails to themselves in an envelope their underlying artwork or name they wish to trademark to themselves using the United States…

How Long Does It Take to Get a Trademark?


Trademark rights can be very important, and the process to get a trademark can take some time. While the timing can be dependent on the specific facts and circumstances surrounding your particular trademark, the whole process typically takes about a year in total to complete.  How Long Does it Take to Get a Trademark? There is a general timeline and process to take to get a trademark, going from its initial inception to ultimate trademark approval with the United States…

What Is a Dead Trademark?


A trademark is a recognizable sign, design, or expression that identifies the goods or services of a particular source. Trademarks can be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to receive more robust legal protection than those automatically granted under common law legal rights. What is a Dead Trademark? A dead trademark is what happens when a mark no longer has any type of federal trademark registration with the USPTO but did at one point in time…

LLC Vs Trademark


Are you looking to start a new business, or have you recently started one? Wondering whether to register your business name as an LLC, trademark, or both? What provides the best legal protection for your business and yourself as an individual? LLCS VS Trademark
Which options to choose when it comes to LLCs vs. trademarks and when will depend on the specific fact and circumstances of your business. Most importantly, it will depend on what type of legal protection is…

How to Trademark Your Business Name


If you are taking steps to establish your new business, an important aspect of your business is, of course, the name of the business. Because the name of your business is incredibly important, you no doubt want to obtain as much legal protection of it as possible. How to Trademark Your Business Name An important thing for you to consider is getting trademark protection for your business name. This will ensure the greatest legal protection for your business’s name. A…

How to Trademark a Product Name


If you have a product you are looking to sell or already do sell, chances are high you will want to get a trademark or service mark for your product name. How To Trademark A Product Name Trademarks and services marks (used interchangeably in this article) can provide important intellectual property rights that will help your product succeed in the market. How To Come Up With The Best Product Name Before you can trademark your product, you will need to…