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Category Archives: Software Patents

Software Patents

What Information Is Needed to Start a Software Patent?

Learn step by step, how to prepare the right information and lay the groundwork for a strong patent application. In this video, Rich explains how you can avoid wasting time and money, and how to make sure your idea isn’t misunderstood or misrepresented. The 4 basic steps to getting started In order to start the […]

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What Is Agile Patenting™?

You have probably heard of “agile software development,” which provides a methodology (Agile Patenting™)for developing software apps even before all of the details are worked out. So how can similar principles be used to protect an app? In this video, Rich discusses our philosophy for effectively protecting ideas while they are still in development. IP […]

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9 Most Common Questions About Protecting Software and Apps

It’s not unusual to have a lot of questions when considering whether to begin a patent project, to start on the road to applying for a U.S. Patent. In this video, Rich addresses some common concerns and suggests ways to get answers to your specific questions. A patent can be the key to the market […]

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Can You Patent Software and Smart Phone/Tablet Applications?

Patenting software and apps is a step-by-step process The top three questions we hear about protecting software and smart phone/tablet applications are: “Can I actually get my app protected?” “When is the right time to seek protection?” “Is a copyright a better form of protection for software than a patent?” This article is intended to […]

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