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Other IP

When Is a Trademark More Appropriate Than a Patent?

In this video, Rich explains when it is appropriate to seek trademark protection, instead of patent protection, for your idea. Protect your good name Patents are good for protecting the functional aspects of a product, for protecting the actual distinctive features of a product. Presuming that you’ve pursued that, and you’ve figured out whether your […]

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Do You Need a Trademark, or Is a Patent More Appropriate?

When it comes to whether something should be patented or trademarked, the question is: Are you building a brand, or protecting a concept? If you are protecting a product concept or design, patent law is the clear choice. Assuming that a patent is available for the subject matter of your concept, that’s the way to […]

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Is an NDA a Good Substitute for a Patent?

NDA is an acronym that stands for “Non-Disclosure Agreement.” These are sometimes called “confidentiality agreements.” In sum, they are agreements by which people or companies agree to keep information confidential, and not tell others the secret information they discuss. What is their relevance to patents and inventions? Inventors frequently ask whether they are safe to […]

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