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Category Archives: Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics

Why Some Patents Sell Better Than Others

How valuable is a patent? Much of any patent’s value depends on how well the patent is written. In this video, patent attorney Rich Goldstein discusses how intellectual property is valued in the marketplace, and the qualities that make some patents more valuable than others. These are important considerations when planning your IP strategy. The […]

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“Designing Around” the Prior Art

When a patent application is rejected, it is often possible to overcome the USPTO’s objections by “designing around” the prior art. In this video, patent attorney Pat Werschulz explains the ‘design around’ process and how it may help you obtain patent protection for your idea. Innovations can still be found if you know how and […]

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Why Some Patents Are Valuable, While Others Are Worth Very Little

“But I have a patent! How could they do this?” This is the battle cry of inventors and corporate executives alike, when they see a copycat product and find out there is nothing they can do to stop it. This statement also is the result of a limited understanding of how patents work. It’s perfectly […]

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What Does ‘Patent Pending’ Mean?

Patent attorney Rich Goldstein explains what ‘patent pending’ status means, and what kind of protection this patent status provides in the marketplace. Taking the risk may be to your advantage You’ve probably notice a lot of products out there that are marked ‘Patent Pending.’ This means that the companies that put those products on the […]

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How Much Does a Patent Cost?

A typical utility patent costs about $10,000 to $20,000 dollars. Generally speaking, a design patent is below that range, and a software patent may be more. You’re probably saying, “Wow! That’s a big range!” But the truth is, how much a patent costs depends on its complexity. And its complexity depends on several factors, including: […]

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How Is a Patent Evaluation Different from a Patent Search?

Patent search or patent evaluation? They are not the same thing. Patent attorney Rich Goldstein explains the difference and why a patent evaluation provides more information you can use to decide whether a patent is the right choice for your idea. Paper or answers—choose wisely A patent search is simply a research project that produces […]

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Can You Safely Discuss Your Idea with a Patent Attorney?

Your confidentiality is assured by law “Can I safely discuss my idea with a patent attorney?” People ask us this question all the time. And usually they’re pretty shy about asking it. Don’t worry. We won’t take it the wrong way. We understand your concern. It’s important to know that there are both federal and […]

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The Secret of Obtaining a Licensing Agreement

You already know you have a great idea, a great invention, or have developed a new technology. Knowing this inspired you to find a company interested in taking your idea further. And now, through your hard work, you have found a company that also thinks your invention is great! They are in the right industry, […]

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