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Building an Online Educational Business and Helping Entrepreneurs Grow with Cole Humphus, Founder of Cole’s Classroom

By July 23, 2020


Cole Humphus is a business growth advisor and investor. He was the Founder and CEO of Cole’s Classroom, an online photography education company that he rapidly grew from zero to over 150,000 customers in a few short years before selling the business. 

Cole is currently the Executive Marketing Growth Officer at ShootProof. His current focus is on helping other business owners efficiently scale their businesses to create more impact without sacrificing profits.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Cole decided to start Cole’s Classroom
  • The tactics Cole used to maintain subscriptions and grow his photography business
  • Cole talks about the first client he helped to grow and scale her business
  • Cole’s 7 Figure Annual Profit Blueprint 
  • How long it took for Cole to leverage his first client’s business
  • What Cole has learned about himself since selling his business
  • Cole shares his thoughts on having a lifestyle business
  • Cole and Rich talk about their hobbies
  • How to get in touch with Cole Humphus

In this episode…

When Cole Humphus started his online photography education business, he faced a lot of challenges. Despite those, he managed to learn effective tactics and strategies that helped him grow and scale the business. He later sold Cole’s Classroom ShootProof for eight figures and now focuses on helping other entrepreneurs create an impact with their businesses.

While running the educational business, Cole learned that the tactics that worked well one month may completely stop working the next. With online marketing, things change quickly; if a business doesn’t adapt to these changes, it may stop growing altogether.

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Rich Goldstein, host of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast, interviews Cole Humphus, the Founder of Cole’s Classroom, about building an online education business and helping entrepreneurs grow their ventures. Cole talks about the challenges he faced when starting his business, the strategies and tactics he used to grow and expand, and his current work helping other entrepreneurs.

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