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Patent Process

What Everybody Needs to Know Before Starting The Patent Process

When considering pursuing an invention or idea, the first thing you should ask yourself is “Can I patent it?” The fact is, most people, when considering pursuing an invention or idea, will start by asking themselves, “how am I going to get this on the market?” This is a BIG problem, because they are asking themselves the wrong question first, and it could cost them tremendously. In particular, because they think the marketing is most important, they look for someone…
May 21, 2020
Patent Process

5 Critical Secrets You Must Know Before You Even Consider A Patent

Over the past 20 years, I’ve spoken to over 10,000 inventors. Most of the time, they have burning questions - things they can’t wait to ask me! Usually they ask things like: “What’s the process for getting a patent?” “How much is it going to cost?” “Is it safe to share my idea with you?” “When will it be safe to tell others about my idea?” These may be the same questions you have. And believe me, having worked with…
May 13, 2020
Patent Process

What Does ‘Patent Pending’ Mean

An Explanation of the Risks and Advantages Patent Pending explained: Taking the risk may be to your advantage You've probably noticed a lot of products out there that are marked 'Patent Pending.' This means that the companies that put those products on the market have decided that it's fairly safe, after the patent application has been filed, to start producing and selling their idea. When you file your patent application, the filing date of your application establishes your priority toward…
May 6, 2020
Patent Process

Why Free Online Patent Research Could End Up Costing You Thousands

Are you trying to figure out if your invention can be patented on your own, by doing online research? If you are, you’re not alone. Most people go online when they want to know if their project is patentable. Going online to do research is a wise step to take initially. Visiting the USPTO’s website, or even searching on google is a great place to start. But, there are major pitfalls involved with relying on your do-it-yourself online research. The…
April 21, 2020
Patent Process

Should You Get A Patent?

Rich Goldstein, patent attorney, here with a question. What’s more valuable... The intellectual property of a company that sells a popular computer operating system and software? Or fifty tons of solid gold? At $2000 an ounce, fifty-tons of gold is worth $3.2 billion. But what about the intellectual property? How much could a dozen reams of paper that hold patents, trademarks and copyrights possibly be worth compared to fifty-tons of solid gold? The Answer May Surprise You  If those patents,…
April 13, 2020
Patent Process

When A Patent Isn’t Worth The Paper Its’ Written On…

Preparing a patent application involves assembling information about your invention. What it is? Why it’s different? What makes it patent-worthy? And so on.   A typical patent application can be 20, 30, even 40 pages in length.   The reason for the application is to convince the patent office that your idea is unique, and you should be issued a patent.   Filing the application is the first official step in the patent process.   Now here’s where the rubber meets the road...…
April 10, 2020

If you've never patented anything before, watch these 6 short intro videos to learn exactly what you need to know about the patent process to protect your valuable idea.

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