About Us

If you’re reading this, it’s very likely you’re curious about working with us to help you protect something you’re developing.

Perhaps you are a business owner, or entrepreneur, and you’ve come up with a hot new product, service or solution that you know is going to launch you into a lucrative and exciting new business.

Yet, you probably have several questions in your mind about what’s involved in getting a patent, and probably how working with us might help you with that.

Just what qualifies us to answer your patent questions?

We’ve given advice to more than 10,000 inventors from all over the United States, and have obtained over 2,000 patents for clients. Many of our clients’ patents have gone on to form the basis of very successful products and companies.

So we are uniquely qualified to answer your two most important patent questions:

  • Can I patent it?
  • Should I patent it?

You’re not paying us for hype, you want the straight truth.

We take pride in helping you determine when you DON’T need a patent.

When your idea isn’t worth patenting or wouldn’t be likely to obtain a patent, we will simply tell you that.

Most likely, however, there will be several ways you can move forward with your patent project, and we can guide you every step of the way.

It’s about You… Your Ideas… Your Goals.

At Goldstein Law Offices, P.C., we have helped more than a thousand individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, obtain the patents they were seeking.

We have also helped many thousands more evaluate the potential value in patent protection.

Our firm is dedicated to meeting your individual needs.

Your ideas are important to you, and we are committed to helping you determine if a patent should be a part of your plan, but also understand that filing a patent is not the right choice for every person or for every idea.

We build relationships with our clients with an unsurpassed level of personal attention and accessibility. We will give you the information that matters, even if it means that you will not need our further services.

Our clients rely on us for direct advice and strong advocacy.

Patent Law can present complex issues that require skill, communication, and patience.

We provide resources to educate you about the patent process, and give you the information you need to make good decisions.


Rich Goldstein